JedMed VDC Accu Lum Loupe System with Titanium Frames
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JedMed VDC Accu Lum Loupe System with Titanium Frames

Product Code: 98-1805-T

  • The original VDC Loupe System (item# 98-1805) with lightweight titanium frames for maximum comfort and the ability to use the loupe without necessarily tightening eyeglass bands to hold in place
  • LED headlamp with highest quality German optics incorporated into lens
  • 2.8X Magnification for visualization of the ear canal 
  • Retains focus of visual field even when patient moves
  • Attains high depth of field with excellent edge acuity
  • Average working distance of 340mm (12-13 inches)
  • Portable lithium ion rechargeable battery pack with rapid 2-hour charge
  • Loupes reside within actual glasses, therefore, does not come equipped with knob to adjust interocular distance; designed specifically for pupillary distances (PD) measuring 30mm which is suitable for most individuals (>90%) (NOTE: other models with different PD sizes available)
  • If you currently wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, obtain PD from your ophthalmologist, optometrist or optician and contact an Oaktree Products representative to make the most suitable selection
  • If you do not wear eyeglasses/contact lenses and/or do not have access to your PD: