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Which VDC Loupe System is Right For You?

Oaktree Products offers four different versions of the JedMed VDC Loupe System, each identical with the exception of how far apart the left and right loupes are positioned from one another. The relative loupe location is based on average Pupillary Distance (PD) found in adults. PD refers to the distance between the pupils of the eyes (the black center of each eye), center to center, measured in millimeters. Most adults will have a PD ranging from 54-74 mm. If you have an eye glass or contact prescription, you can obtain your PD from your ophthalmologist, optometrist, or optician.

Since the VDC loupe lenses reside within the actual glasses, there is no knob to adjust intraocular distance seen with most other loupes. As such, there are four different VDC Loupe System models to accommodate different PDs as follows:

  1. Item# 98-1800: VDC Loupe System with 28 PD
  2. Item# 98-1805: VDC Loupe System with 30 PD
  3. Item# 98-1820: VDC Loupe System with 32 PD
  4. Item# 98-1820: VDC Loupe System with 34 PD

NOTE: the PD’s listed with the above VDC loupes represent measurements taken from the center pupil of one eye to the middle of the bridge of the nose, therefore, it represents a value half the PD measurement obtained by an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or optician would measure.


  • More than 90% of the time, Item# 98-1805 (VDC Loupe System, 30 PD) is appropriate
  • If you prefer, measure your own PD using How To Measure PD located in the Special Instructions Section of product description. If your measurement is between two listed PDs, round up. 


  • The PD will typically range between 54 – 74 mm
  • Divide that by 2
  • Pick the VDC Loupe that has the closest listed PD, rounding UP in the event that number is between two choices
  • For example, if your vision care professional indicates that you have a PD of 58:

pd = 58

58 PD ÷ 2 = X

58 PD ÷ 2 = 29 PD

NOTE: Since the 29 PD falls between two loupe choices (Item# 98-1800 with 28 PD and Item# 98-1805 with 30 PD, round up and choose Item# 98-1805 with 30 PD.