Amplified Stethoscopes & Streamers

There are currently three amplified stethoscopes designed to interface with hearing aid streamers: 1) the ThinkLabs One (TL-One), 2) E-Scope II, and 3) Eko Core. Each configuration requires an audio cord to connect the amplified stethoscope to the hearing aid streamer although the configurations differs between the three amplified stethoscopes.  In addition, depending on which amplified stethoscope is being used, the necessary cords may not be included in the packaging and will need to be purchased separately. The information below addresses the configuration of each amplified stethoscope with a hearing aid streamer, including referencing necessary accessory parts.

Option One:

Consider the TL-One amplified stethoscope. Connecting the TL-One to a hearing aid streamer is more straightforward because only one cord is needed and that particular cord is included in the TL-One packaging.  The male-to-male 3 foot cord used to connect the TL-One to a streamer resides in a plastic bag labeled THINKLINK INTERFACE. Simply plug the right-angled portion of the cable into the TL-ONE and plug the other portion directly into the streamer. For a visual demonstration on how to connect the TL-One to a hearing aid streamer, check out our TL-One Video on the Oaktree Products YouTube channel. 


Option Two:

The 3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope utilizes Bluetooth technology to support wireless auscultaition using the Eko App & headphones, Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids or other devices.

Littmann CORE - main image

Option Three:

Consider the E-Scope II either with or without traditional earpieces. To connect the E-Scope II to a hearing aid streamer, two separate cords are required: 1) the E-Scope II patch cord (sold separately) and 2) the standard audio-in cable packaged with the hearing aid streamer. In other words, the E-Scope II patch cord is purchased through Oaktree Products whereas the standard audio-in cord comes from the hearing aid manufacturer and typically included with streamer packaging.

To configure, insert the USB portion of the patch cord to the USB port residing on the side of the E-Scope II base. Using the standard audio-in cable, insert the male audio-in portion into the available end of the patch cord. Next, insert the female portion of the standard audio-in to the hearing aid streamer. To see how the E-Scope II connects to a streamer, check out our informative video on the Oaktree Products YouTube Channel. 


Key things to remember:

  • The E-Scope II and TL-One DO NOT have built in Bluetooth capabilities; both stethoscopes are designed to interface with a streamer via a hard-wire connection with cable(s).
  • In the event of an open fit whereby the ear canal remains unoccluded, direct connection to a streamer as outlined above may not generate satisfactory results; the nature of the open fit will result in critical low frequency information necessary to perform auscultation to be lost.
  • Success of configuring amplified stethoscopes with hearing aids requires involvement of the audiologists as ausculatation procedures will require hearing instrument reprogramming.