Our Channel

Oaktree Products has an active YouTube Channel where QuickFlicks and TalkingPowerPoints are created and loaded for easy access.  Our QuickFlicks are how-to videos designed to demonstrate how a product works or how to apply a specific technique. Our TalkingPowerPoints are a series of slides with a voice-over narration to either compare and contrast like products or to provide an overview of a specific topic of interest.  The goal is to keep both types of media under three minutes to effectively and quickly share key points. Be sure to check out the Oaktree Products YouTube Channel.  Here is a sampling of our most popular works:  


ThinkLabs-One Amplified Stethoscope

In about 3 minutes, see how the TL-One Amplified Stethoscope works as it is the perfect recommendation for medical professionals with hearing loss...CLICK TO WATCH


Heine Mini 3000 Otoscope Comparison

In about 3 minutes, see difference between the Heine Mini 3000 Non-Fiber Optic, Fiber Optic, and Fiber Optic LED to make the most informed purchase decision...CLICK TO WATCH