Tube Sockets for 3A / IP30 Insert Earphones (10 / pack)

Tube Sockets for 3A / IP30 Insert Earphones (10 / pack)

Product Code: 420-2081

  • Replacement tube nipples for the E-A-RTONE 3A and RadioEar IP30 Insert Earphones
  • Small, clear plastic parts connect the black stems of the E-A-RLink (3A, 3B, 3C) and Infant Eartips to the front sound tubes of the E-A-RTONE 3A and RadioEar IP30 Insert Earphones 
  • Opaque, T-Shaped coupler
  • 7/16" length
  • Sold in a bag of 10 
  • Available in a bag of 2, see item #420-2081-2
  • 10 Tube Sockets Per Package 
  • E-A-RTONE Replacement Sound Tubes, 4/pack (#420-2003)
  • E-A-RLink 3A Eartips, yellow, 50/bag (#420-2004)
  • E-A-RLink 3A Eartips, yellow, 350/bag (#420-3505)
  • E-A-RLink 3A Eartips, yellow, 750/bag (#420-2005)
  • E-A-RLink 3B Eartips, beige, 50/bag (#420-2006)
  • E-A-RLink 3B Eartips, beige, 350/bag (#420-3507)
  • E-A-RLink 3B Eartips, beige, 750/bag (#420-2007)
  • E-A-RLink 3C Jumbo Eartips, yellow, 24/bag (#420-2028)
  • E-A-RLink Infant Eartips, 3.5mm, 20/bag (#420-2094)
  • E-A-RLink Infant Eartips, 4mm, 20/bag (#420-2095)

Will these work with my Otometrics equipment?

  • YES, Otometrics tube socket item# 8-68-32000 is the EXACT SAME tube socket as Oaktree item# 420-2081.  At one time, Otometrics had a tube socket item# 8-62-43600 that looked different than the current socket but it was discontinued and replaced with item# 8-68-32000 which is the same as our item# 420-2081.  If a black tube socket is preferred over a clear, use RadioEar tube sockets item #8107391.


Are these compatible with CADWELL equipment?

  • Yes, the E-A-RTONE replacement tube sockets item #420-2081 will fit the equipment.  For sound tubes, item #ER3-21 is the compatible option