Tinearity G1 Tinnitus System
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Tinearity G1 Tinnitus System

Product Code: 6103

  • Compact, FDA-cleared sound generator designed to transmit masking (white) noise via bone conduction for tinnitus management
  • Intended to be used within the framework of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) or as a masker for tinnitus relief
  • Straightforward, easy-to-use device
    • special plastic adapter with an easy-to-peel tab is adhered to the mastoid
    • sound generator is turned on and then positioned within the special adapter
    • sound generator introduces white noise via bone conduction for tinnitus management
  • Three button controls including: 1) volume up, 2) power (on/off) button, and 3) volume down
  • Volume button increases masking in 2 dB increments; default is set at 24 dB with maximum of 48 dB
  • Rechargeable battery offers up to 8 hours of continuous use per 3.5 hour charge
  • Recommended use of the device is 6-8 hours per day for a period of 6-24 months
  • Includes:  two (2) bone conduction rechargeable sound generators, one (1) charger with  USB-C cable, 1 month supply of special adapters and instruction booklet
  • Intended as a prescription-only medical device through an authorized audiologist or other healthcare provider
  • Two year warranty
  • (2) G1 White Noise Sound Generators
  • (60) Adapters - one month supply
  • (1) Charging Plate
  • (1) USB-C Charging Cable
  • Tinearity G1 Adapter Refills, 180/pack (item #6042)

1. How is Tinearity G1 different from other masking devices?

  • The difference is that Tinearity G1 is a small device employing bone conduction technology. This means that the white noise is introduced into the ear via the skull. This means that the ear canal is left unobstructed and that treatment and relief can be administered at work, at leisure, or while asleep

2. How long can I treat or relieve my tinnitus with Tinearity G1?

  •  Tinearity G1 has different settings and can be used up to 8 hours a day.  Speak to your healthcare professional to decide your plan

3. How much can I use the Tinearity G1 during the same day?

  • When undergoing TRT treatment, we recommend that symptoms are treated with white noise for 6–8 hours per day. The battery charge lasts at least 8 hours, after which time the device need to be recharged

4. How long do batteries in Tinearity G1 last?

  • You can use Tinearity G1 for a least 8 hours per day before you need to recharge the batteries. The sound generating device rests behind the ear and is charged by placing it on a charging plate included when you buy Tinearity G1. The battery life lasts more than two years.

5. Can the patch holding the device in place give me a rash?

  • The patch holding the device in place behind the ear is medical technology-classified and dermatologically tested. It cannot be ruled out that it may induce rashes or some form of discomfort for some people. If you experience any symptoms stop using the product and seek medical advice.

6. Do I need to undergo TRT treatment before I can use Tinearity G1?

  • No. Tinearity G1 can be used within the framework of TRT treatment and for self-relief.

7.  Is any form of medical procedure needed to use Tinearity G1?

  • No, the devices emitting white noise through the skull bone are affixed with a small patch on the skin behind the ear.

8. Can I use Tinearity G1 while I sleep?

  • Yes, the devices placed on the skin behind the ears are small, and tests show that it is possible to sleep with them on.

9. Can I use Tinearity G1 while I'm working?

  • Yes, the devices emitting white noise are small and are placed on the skin behind the ear. This means that the ear canal is left unobstructed, making it possible to talk on the telephone or have a conversation with colleagues, and to take part meetings while simultaneously using Tinearity G1.

10. Can I use Tinearity G1 anytime, anywhere?

  • Yes, whether you are asleep in your bed or working at the office, you can use Tinearity G1 on your own terms. Since we use bone conduction technology, the ear canal is left unobstructed, allowing you to hear sounds from your own environment. At the same time, there is no risk of irritation to the ear canal. Being able to use the device for longer periods of time without stress is the big advantage offered by Tinearity G1 compared to many other products which block the ear canal. 
  • You can use Tinearity G1 anytime and anywhere without any hindrance to yourself or disturbance to others. The use of Tinearity G1 can go unnoticed in all kinds of situations, for example, while you’re at work, exercising, when you’re asleep or in a meeting. Tinearity G1 quite simply gives you the freedom of choice. 

11. Is the Tinearity G1 MedTech classified?

  • We want to be able to offer people who suffer from tinnitus a safe, secure and exclusive product that is based on a scientifically proven method. For this reason, Tinearity G1 is undergoing extensive testing and review and is being developed according to the regulatory requirements for CE marking class lla medical devices.