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Perfect Clean (PC1) 27 in stock
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Perfect Clean (PC1) 27 in stock

Product Code:GS-24

27 remaining in stock
-Plastic packaging is broken
  • System designed specifically for safe removal of cerumen, cleaning and drying of RITE/RICs; may be used to remove moisture from any custom or non-custom hearing instrument model (CIC, BTE, ITE, RITE/RIC, CCA)
  • One touch operation with a 65 minute cycle (20 minute cleaning cycle, followed by 40 minute drying cycle, ending with 5 minute UV-C cycle)
  • Automatic shut off after 65 minutes or when lid opened during cycle
  • When blue indicator light is on, indicates unit is is standby mode; when flashing slowly, the unit is running a cycle
  • NOTE: when blue indicator light flashes quickly, indicates the need for a new liquid refill
  • Cleaning solution automatically removes cerumen and microbial growth from RITE/RIC domes
  • Forced hot air fan drying system removes moisture from hearing instruments
  • UV-C light disinfect hearing instrument surfaces
NOTE: As these products are slightly used and/or cannot be sold as new, manufacturer warranty is VOID
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