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Etymotic Personal Noise Dosimeter

Etymotic Personal Noise Dosimeter

Product Code:ER200

  • Personal Noise Dosimeter used to measure the noise level continuously over time for a more accurate estimate of risk        
  • Uses NIOSH criteria: 85 dB criterion, 3 dB exchange rate, 75 dB threshold        
  • 2 modes of operation: Quick Check (2 minute test calculates dose per hr) & Normal (continuously measures noise up to 16 hrs)        
  • Frequency Weighting: A
  • Run time: 16 hours
  • Color-coded LEDs indicate safe, borderline, and high-risk exposure
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  • (1) Etymotic Personal Noise Dosimeter 
  • (1) Interpretation chart
  • (2) Windscreens
  • (3) AAAA batteries
  • (1) User manual
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