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Sonic Alert Ring Elite with Video Phone Signaler (TR75VR) 1 in stock

Sonic Alert Ring Elite with Video Phone Signaler (TR75VR) 1 in stock

Product Code:GS-25

1 in stock
All parts, works well
  • Stand-alone signaler designed to alert of telephone ringing or videophone activity by flashing a lamp (not included)
  • Choice of three distinct flash patterns to differentiate activity from TTY, fax, or videophone all with one device
  • Easy set up; simply plug TR75VT power cord into wall outlet, connect the TR75VT to the videophone or telephone with included phone connection cord, and then plug your lamp into the TR75VR
  • Will also function as a transmitter with other Sonic Alert Legacy receivers including the deluxe remote receiver (SA201), sonic blink (BL300), sonic siren remote horn (RH100), Sonic Boom alarm clock (SB1000 and SB1000C) to indicate user of telephone or videophone activity in other rooms 
  • Will also work with the Sonic Alert HomeWare Main System (HA360MK) receiver with the added requirement of the Sonic Aware Bridge Unit (HA360BU)
NOTE: As these products are slightly used and/or cannot be sold as new, manufacturer warranty is VOID
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