Inventis Triangle Screening Audiometer with DD65 Headphones

Inventis Triangle Screening Audiometer with DD65 Headphones

Product Code: 11689-DD65

  • Rechargeable and portable audiometer with air conduction capabilities packaged with DD65 circumaural headphones offering an automatic threshold testing feature (ideal for occupational/industrial AC threshold documentation protocols)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers 12+ hours of continuous use; may be connected to either PC for recharging and transferring test data, or to supplied power adapter
  • Frequency range: 125 Hz - 8000 Hz 
  • Talk-over feature (operator's voice routed from microphone located on audiometer's front panel to patient headset when TALKOVER button pressed and held down)
  • Patient response button included
  • Signal specifications
    • step size:  5 dB steps
    • type:  tone or warble
    • mode: continuous or pulsed
  • Memory feature stores up to 100 exams
  • Includes soft carrying case
  • Lightweight (14.8oz) and compact (6.3"W x 8.5" D X 1.9"H)
  • Optional Licenses (sold separately) available to upgrade audiometer at any time:
  • For version packaged with DD45 supra-aural headphones, see Inventis Triangle Screening Audiometer with DD45 Headphones
  • (1) Inventis Triangle portable audiometer (lithium-battery included)
  • (1) set of DD65 standard audiometric headphones
  • (1) patient response button
  • (1) USB cable
  • (1) USB multi-socket power adapter
  • (50) audiogram screening cards
  • (1) carrying case
  • (1) conformity and calibration certificates
  • Computer-Connectivity License (item# 11691)
  • Bone Conduction License - without Transducer (item# 11692)
  • Bone Conduction License - with Pre-Calibrated B-71 Bone Vibrator (item# 11693
  • IP30 Insert Earphones for Inventis Equipment (item# 11748)

What is the difference between DD45, DD65 and DD450 headphones?

The DD45 is a supra-aural headphone designed to rest on the ear and does not completely fit over the ear. This headphone allows providers to obtain hearing test results at 250 Hz through 8000 Hz.

Both the DD65 and DD450 are circumaural headphones designed to completely encase or surround the ear, sealing the ear off from the environment. The circumaural design provides additional attenuation to significantly improve outcome and accuracy of hearing tests, making the DD65 and DD450 ideal for boothless audiometry (i.e., testing hearing outside of an audiometric booth).

While the DD65 and DD450 may be used for boothless audiology and look very similar, they are different. The DD65 headphone is a DD45 headphone inserted a DD450 encasement; like the DD45, the DD65 allows providers to obtain hearing test results at 250 Hz through 8000 Hz.  In contrast, the DD450 headphone allows providers to obtain hearing test results at 250 Hz through 16000 Hz. The DD450 headphone (or comparable headphone) is specifically designed to extended frequency audiometry.