Primus Pro Real-Ear Measurement System with Speech Mapping

Primus Pro Real-Ear Measurement System with Speech Mapping


  • PC-based REM system with speech mapping
    • Binaural REM capabilities saves time
    • All relevant REM measurements can be performed including REUG/REUR, REOG/REOR, REAG, REAR, REIG, and RECD
    • Test signals include ISTS, ICRA, and numerous other input signals 
    • Prescriptive formulas: DSL v5, NAL-NL1, NAL-NL2, and manual target input for individualized evaluation
    • Workflow feature allows clinics to customize test batteries (e.g. new patient or extended frequency audiometry) according to clinical standards or established guidelines/best practices
    • Nudging feature navigates providers through established workflows while offering the provider the flexibility to override nudging prompts when circumstances require deviation from protocols
  • Compatible with:
    • Noah 4 or higher
    • Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 10 Anniversary update, & 11
  • Also available:
    • Audiometer with extended frequency (16 kHz) and REM System with Speech Mapping available (item# PRIMUSPRO-COMBO)
    • Audiometer with extended frequency (16 kHz) only available (item# PRIMUSPRO)
  • Three year warranty
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This kit contains:
  • Auditdata Primus Pro Fitting Unit (x 1)
  • Auditdata Primus Real Ear FLEX Probe (x 1)
  • Auditdata Primus Free Field Speaker (x 1)
  • Auditdata Speech Mapping Software Module (x 1)

  • Primus Pro REM System
  • Free Field Speaker
  • Real Ear Flex Probe

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