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Etymotic QSA with T-COIL, Platinum, Single Unit

Product Code:ER135-QSA-PT-T-AU

  • Basic, ear-level personal sound amplifier sold exclusively to audiologists and other dispensing professionals
  • T-coil equipped and potentially suitable for adults with perceived hearing loss with flat audiometric configuration or with motivation to hear in looped environments; refer to audiogram image on the left for ideal configuration
  • "As-is" device with 2-position switch for microphone or t-coil program (note: no volume control)
  • Equipped with Quiet Sound Amplifier (QSA) designed to enhance softer sounds to help in certain listening situations
  • Uses size #10 hearing instrument batteries
  • Also available in binaural version (item# ER135-QSA-PT2-T-AU)
  • One year warranty


  • Provides high-frequency amplification for the soft sounds of speech
  • Excellent speech intelligibility in both quiet and noisy conditions
  • 2-position switch offers low (15dB) level of enhancement and t-coil mode
  • Loud sounds are heard naturally with no additional boost
  • Subtle, low-battery signal alerts user before the battery dies
  • Long battery life (10-12 days)


  • Sold through hearing care professionals
  • Designed to fit comfortably
  • Ready-to-use right out of the box
  • No controls to adjust
  • Does not require custom molds
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  • (1) QSA device with t-coil
  • (1) Filter tool and extra filters
  • (1) Cleaning tool
  • (1) Leather pouch
  • Assortment of eartips
  • (1) 8-pk of size 10 batteries
  • User manual

  • Etymotic QSA Neck Cord (item# ER38-NC1
  • Etymotic QSA Leather Pouch Storage Case (item# ER38-65L)
  • Etymotic QSA Replacement Filters, 6-pack (item# ER38-50BN)
  • Etymotic QSA Filter Removal Tool, No Filters (item# ER38-45)
  • Etymotic QSA Filter Removal Tool with 4 Filters (item# ER38-46BN)
  • Etymotic QSA Microphone Windscreen, 2-pack (item# ER38-30BN)
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