71000-C handle parts

Mission Trips

Audiologists traveling abroad on mission trips may require battery operated equipment since many locations may not have access to electricity to recharge otoscope handles. While battery operated pocket otoscopes are a nice solution, another great option is to invest in the Welch Allyn 71000-C full size otoscope handle. This handle is specifically designed to be powered by either a rechargeable NiCad battery or two "C" alkaline batteries. While in the traditional clinical setting, this otoscope may be recharged overnight as needed.  To power the handle using Alkaline batteries, the battery converter packaged with the handle replaces the recharging component of the handle.  If you currently own a 71000-A handle, simply invest in the battery converter accessory. For more details on how to convert the 71000-handle to accept Alkaline batteries, check out the blog post "Getting a Handle on the Difference Between A versus C"


Pocket otoscopes represent the model of choice amongst students with the Heine Mini 3000 otoscope being the most popular.  It is available in three different models: 1) non-fiber optic, 2) fiber optic, and 3) fiber optic LED.  The non-fiber optic model uses an older form of illumination technology whereby the bulb is located on the floor of the visual field so it can shine directly through the speculum. The other two fiber optic models deliver illumination through the speculum via a fiber optic bundle.  Since the bulb resides below the floor of the eye piece, these models provide an unobstructed view of the ear canal and tympanic membrane. The main difference between the two fiber optic Mini 3000 otoscopes is the bulb technology used. Both the non-fiber optic and the fiber optic pocket otoscopes are equipped with a halogen bulb whereas the Mini 3000 LED is equipped with an LED bulb. Read up on Key Considerations Prior to Otoscope Purchase written with the AuD student in mind. To see the difference between the these three otoscopes, check out Heine Mini 3000 Otoscope Comparison video from the Oaktree Products' YouTube Channel.