Williams Sound PockeTalker Ultra with Dual Mini Earbud

Product Code: PKT-D1-E14

  • Versatile, high quality personal sound amplification system designed to amplify sounds closest to listener while reducing background noiseIdeal for one-on-one conversation, small-group conversation, television listening or conversing in the car
  • Simply plug in earpiece of choice (dual mini earbuds included), position microphone near preferred sound and adjust volume to comfortable level
  • External tone and volume controls
  • Removable integrated belt clip
  • Operates on two (2) AAA batteries (included) which lasts 200 hours
  • 12 ft extension cord may be used to amplify TV speaker without the need to turn TV volume up
  • Wide range earphone, deluxe folding headphone and rear-wear headphone options also available
  • Neckloop version for use with t-coil enabled hearing instruments also available (see item# PKT-D1-NO1)
  • Five (5) year warranty

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  • (1) PockeTalker Ultra amplifier
  • (1) Dual mini earbuds 
  • (2) AAA alkaline batteries
  • (1) 12 ft TV listening cable 
  • (1) Omni-direction plug mount microphone 
  • (1) Lanyard 
  • Replacement TV listening cable (item# WCA007WC)
  • Replacement omni-directional plug mount microphone (item# MIC014)
  • Replacement lanyard (item# RCS-003)
  • System carrying case (item# CCS008
Earpiece Accessories
  • Deluxe folding headphones (item# HED021)
  • Wide range earphone (item# EAR008)
  • Dual mini earbuds (item# EAR014)
  • Single mini earbud (item# EAR013)
  • Dual mini earbuds with flanged eartips (item# EAR014T)
  • Single mini earbud with flanged eartip (item# EAR013T)  
  • Surround earphone (item# EAR022)
  • Single isolation earphone (item# EAR041)
  • Deluxe behind-the-head headphone (item# HED026
  • Ultimate, heavy-duty folding headphone (item# HED027
  • Neckloop, 18" cord (item# NKL001
  • Replacement earpads for headphones (item# HED023)
  • Replacement earbud pads for earbuds (item# EAR015-10)  
  • Replacement earpads for ultimate heavy duty headphone (item# EAR035
  • Replacement eartips for earbuds (item# EAR043
  • Sanitary headphone covers (item# EAR045-100
Microphone Accessories
  • Shotgun handheld mic (item# MIC027
  • Portable omni-directional conference mic (item# MIC049)
  • Directional lapel clip mic (item# MIC054
  • Mini lapel clip mic (item# MIC090)  
  • Replacement lapel mic clip (CLP-090)
  • Microphone windscreen (item# WND002)

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