Heine All-Spec Specula Dispenser (holds 200)

Product Code: B-00.11.148

  • Heine specula dispenser for diagnostic style specula
  • Fits Heine disposable specula (items B-00.11.128 and B-00.11.127)
  • Semi-transparent plastic design allows for instant check of inventory
  • Holds up to 200 disposable specula (4 sleeves)
  • Wall mountable - includes adhesive
  • Dispenser is pre-loaded with one sleeve each of 2.5mm and 4mm disposable specula 
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  • (1) Specula Dispenser 
  • (50) 2.5mm Disposable Specula (loaded in dispenser)
  • (50) 4mm Disposable Specula (loaded in dispenser)
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