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BAHA Listener 22 for BAHA or PONTO

BAHA Listener 22 for BAHA or PONTO

Product Code:37BAHALIS22

  • Until now, it was difficult to check the BAHA or PONTO but the listener makes it an easy daily task.    
  • Simply connect the BAHA to the mount, put on the headphones and listen.    
  • The BAHA/PONTO 2 listener kit includes a special BAHA/PONTO mount which is linked to the Crescendo 50 amplifier which in turn allows the BAHA/PONTO to be listened to via the headphones supplied.    
  • Supplied in a silver mini flight case and is extremely easy and convenient to use.
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  • Small metal brief case with foam cut outs for each item 
  • Crescendo 50 amplifier 
  • Headphones 
  • BAHA mount 
  • 2 AA batteries 
  • Battery Life 100-125 hours 
  • 260 x 195 x 68 mm 
  • 2.5 lbs. 
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