Miracell ProEar (2oz)
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Miracell ProEar (2oz)

Product Code: 25328A

  • Miracell ProEar is a sophisticated blend of highly concentrated natural plant extracts developed to benefit ears
  • Stops itching ears
  • Softens ear wax
  • Helps soothe irritations and sores
  • Softens stress cracks, calcified tissue, adhesive otitis
  • 2 oz bottle
  • For 0.5 oz bottles sold by the each or in a display of 12, see item# 25029ECD
  • For 0.5 oz bottle individually boxed, see item# 257-28ECIB
  • (1) 2 oz. Bottle 

Why is my Miracell ProEar a darker color?

  • September 2023:

    Please note the darker color of the ProEar.  This is not an error and is due to the use of natural ingredients.  In this formula, the concentration of essential oils has increased, leading to the darker color. ProEar contains Myrrh oil.  Due to global supply chain issues, the normal channels for Myrrh oil were unavailable and a darker variant was used. Please be assured that the color change is a result of the natural ingredients used and does not negatively impact the performance of the product.

    During the formulating process, the darker color was noted and the option was offered to dramatically reduce the percentage of this important ingredient, in order to preserve the light-yellow color. Rather than cheapen the product, I decided to accept the darker color.

    This formula also adds calendula, vitamin C ester and bisabolol. These ingredients were added to improve product performance. I am always working to provide you with the best performing product possible, based on current research.  


    J Stuart Harris, CEO
    MiraCell, Inc.