Lyric Supplies

Lyric is an extended-wear hearing device designed to be worn continuously in the ear canal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for approximately 2-4 months at a time. Oaktree Products does not sell Lyric but offers certified Lyric providers with essential products and items needed during device fitting. For a quick peek at the most popular Lyric supplies customers purchase, CLICK HERE.

Cerumen Management

The ear canal must be clear of cerumen for Lyric insertion. Oaktree Products offers a full line of tools and products for the three recognized techniques for cerumen removal.

Otoscope lady


The goal of otoscopy is to verify the condition of the auditory canal and tympanic membrane, ruling out contraindications prior to Lyric insertion. It also offers the certified Lyric provider the opportunity to map put device insertion strategy.


Lyric Insertion

Essential products Lyric fittings are readily available from Oaktree Products including lubricants and cotton tip applicators. To facilitate Lyric insertion and to ensure a proper fit, the most critical tool for certified Lyric providers to use is a light source with magnification.