Jodi-Pro Plus Vacuum
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Jodi-Pro Plus Vacuum

Product Code: JODIPP

  • Easy-to-use, economical, portable electronic vacuum offers the ability to remove cerumen from ports utilizing liquids with added feature of air pressure assembly
  • Designed for use by the professional to clean debris from hearing instruments
  • Vacuum designed to pull wax and debris from sound bores; pressure designed to blow air to clean out vents (NOTE: do not use pressure to blow air into microphone or receiver ports)
  • Small, powerful unit ideal for office yet also portable for off-site patient care (satellite clinics, retirement homes, health fairs)
  • Simple operation with ON switch for pressure and ON switch for vacuum (NOTE: unit is not designed to enable pressure and vacuum functions simultaneously) 
  • 22.5 in. Hg of pulling power sufficient to effectively clean hearing instrument ports
  • Small desktop transformer measures approximately 6.5"L x 4.5"D x 2.5"H
  • 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Attached tubing is coiled and may be extended to approximately 2 foot reach
  • 3 year warranty for transformer; needles and filters not covered by warranty 
More Information here:
  • (1) Jodi-Pro Plus transformer
  • (1) 30" coiled blue tubing with liquid filter assembly 
  • (1) Spare empty plastic tube
  • (1) 20 gauge 1/2" suction needle (pink) for CIC, ITE, ITC, and RICs*
  • (1) 21 gauge 1" suction needle (light blue) for open ear thin tubes*
  • (1) 18 gauge 1" suction needle (black) for BTE ear molds*
  • (2) Steel reamer
  • (1) DC power supply
  • (1) AC power cord
*NOTE: replacement suction needles will not be the same color as the original suction needles packed with the Jodi but will be the correct gauge size
  • 6 pack of specialty milled needles (item# JODINEEDLES)
  • 21 gauge (original color light blue) 1" steel suction needle (replacement color green) (item# 5121-1-B)
  • 20 gauge (original color pink) 1/2" steel suction needle (replacement color yellow) (item# 5120-B)
  • 18 gauge (original color black) 1" steel suction needle (replacement color pink) (item# 5118-1-B)
  • Reamer for pink, black, amber, orange, and brown suction needles (item# JODIREAMER)