Wavicide Test Strips (40 / strips)

Wavicide Test Strips (40 / strips)

Product Code: 0306

WAVICIDE®-01 MEC Indicator is a companion product for use with WAVICIDE-01 and a suitable WAVICIDE Sterilizing/ Disinfecting Tray System. By using a simple dip, wait and read method, infection control professionals are able to test full strength, re-used WAVICIDE-01 to ensure that the level of glutaraldehyde is at least 1.7% (the Minimum Effective Concentration or MEC). With a shelf life of 2 years (unopened) or 120 days (once opened), the MEC Indicator provides a quick, convenient and cost effective method of monitoring re-used WAVICIDE®-01.
Quick: WAVICIDE MEC Indicators provide results in 3 minutes

Easy to use: WAVICIDE MEC Indicators work using a simple dip, wait and read method.

No Guess Work: WAVICIDE MEC Indicators are specially and exclusively designed to work with WAVICIDE-01.

Cost Effective: WAVICIDE MEC Indicators have a 2 year shelf life in a closed container and expires 120 days after opening.