Resonance R15C-Lite Screening AudioTymp
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Resonance R15C-Lite Screening AudioTymp

Product Code: R15C-LITE

  • Portable touch-screen audiometer (AC only) and tympanometer (226 & 1000 Hz probe tones)
  • Ipsilateral acoustic reflex at 0.5, 1, 2 and 4 kHz
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • 7" touchscreen with intuitive icons
  • Built-in talk forward microphone
  • MDS software allows data transfer to PC through Bluetooth 2.1, data storage (locally or in Noah), reporting and printing features
  • Capable of providing wireless & secure bi-directional data transmission for telehealth initiatives
  • Compatible with IT series immittance eartips
  • Replacement PPRT-01 Wi-Fi Thermal Printer (item O1000065)
  • Thermal paper for PPRT-01 Wi-Fi Printer (item 611PAPER)
  • Immittance Tips
    • IT008 IT Series Eartips, 8mm Green
    • IT010 IT Series Eartips, 10mm, Red
    • IT012 IT Series Eartips, 12mm, Blue
    • IT014 IT Series Eartips, 14mm, Green
    • IT016 IT Series Eartips, 16mm, Red
    • IT001 IT Series Eartip Kit in Plastic Box (25 of each eartip size)
  • Optional DPOAE Screening upgrade with probe and starter kit (item UP000010)
  • Optional DPOAE Advanced Screening upgrade with probe and starter kit (tem UP000006)

What is the PIN code for my device and why do I need one?

The standard PIN code is 1 2 3 4.  When turning the device on for the first time, enter the standard PIN code to unlock the device.  Once unlocked, the PIN can be changed.  Resonance updated the user interface to comply with European regulations and to protect patient data. 

What is the PUK code for my device and why do I need one?

The PUK code is a second code for unlocking the device in case the wrong PIN code is entered after three attempts. Entering the wrong PIN code three times will lock the device.  The PUK code will be needed to unlock the unit. 

Where do I find the PIN and PUK codes for my device?

The PIN and PUK codes for your device appear at the bottom portion of the Pin and Puk document packaged with the unit (it should reside in a plastic bag containing the USB pen drive and stylus pen).  The standard PIN code is 1 2 3 4 which can be changed to a custom code.  The PUK code is unique to the device.  The PIN and PUK document should be filed for future reference in the event the wrong PIN is entered three time, locking the device, and to quickly access the serial number of the device. 

How do I add my logo to the report?

  • go to MENU
  • select TOOLS
  • click the BUSINESS INFO tab. 
  • right click on image place holder to LOAD logo   

Things to Know Before you Buy

Technical support, calibration, and service is provided and managed through Oaktree Products

Responsive, efficient, and effective support is critical for busy providers to be able to use their equipment without delay. Equipment calibration is required annually. Equipment may need to be serviced over the years.  Oaktree Products has made arrangements to coordinate and provide support, calibration and service to allow providers to focus on their clinical practice.