Primus Pro PC-Based Two-Channel Audiometer with DD45 Headphones

Product Code: PRIMUSPRO

  • PC-based, two-channel audiometer with module architecture to grow with the needs of your practice
    • Workflow feature allows clinics to customize test batteries (e.g. new patient or extended frequency audiometry) according to clinical standards or established guidelines/best practices
    • Nudging feature navigates providers through established workflows while offering the provider the flexibility to override nudging prompts when circumstances require deviation from protocols
    • Operator monitor for talk-forward and talk back microphone available included
    • Packaged with DD45 headphones and B71 bone conduction vibrator
    • Frequency Range: 125 Hz - 8 kHz
    • Stimuli: Pure tone, pulsed purse tone, warble, pulsed warble, narrowband noise, and pulsed narrowband noise with manual or 0.1 - 5 second duration options
    • Masking: NBN, speech and white noise
    • Speech testing via MLV with operator microphone (included), CD with USB 2.0 connection (not included), or sound library
  • Wall or under-desk mountable to free up desk space
  • Compatible with:
    • Noah 4 or higher
    • Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 10 Anniversary update, & 11
  • Also available:
    • Extended frequency (16 kHz) version (item# PRIMUSPRO-HF)
    • REM System only with Speech Mapping (item# PRIMUSPRO-REM)
    • Two-channel audiometer with extended frequency (16 kHz) + REM System with Speech Mapping (item# PRIMUSPRO-COMBO)
  • Three year warranty
This Kit Contains:
  • Auditdata Audiometry Software Module (x 1)
  • Auditdata Primus Bone Conductor - B71 (x 1)
  • Auditdata Primus DD45 w. HBA Headband (x 1)
  • Auditdata Primus Pro Fitting Unit (x 1)
  • Auditdata Primus Microphone (Talk Back) (x 1)
  • Auditdata Primus Headset w / Mic. -S (Talk Over) (x 1)

  • Primus Pro Audiometer Only
  • DD45 Headphones
  • B71 Bone Vibrator
  • Patient Response Button
  • Patient Microphone (talkback)
  • Operator Headset with Microphone
  • USB Stick with Software




Pure Tone Audiometry

How to open the module, utilize toolbar, operate the audiometer, communicate with patient, settings and configuration


How to perform audiometry


How to perform automated audiometry


How to add/remove frequencies used for automated audiometry



How to edit pure tone audiometry parameters



Speech Audiometry

How to operate the Primus speech audiometer


Speech detection threshold testing



Editing speech audiometry parameters



Uploading speech materials into Primus (stand alone)


Performing SRT in Primus


Performing Quick SIN in Primus

What does "modular architecture" mean?

The Primus Pro is supported by software that can be customized to the provider's needs; a portfolio of available software modules (e.g. audiometry, REM, speech mapping, video otoscopy) allows the provider to only buy what they need and to expand the Primus Pro audiometer with time, when the need comes. For example, the Primus Pro (item# primuspro) can be upgraded to include REM capabilities at a later date. 

How do I install Primus on my PC?



How do I navigate Primus software?



What is the workflow feature?

The Primus software provides the flexibility for clinics to create workflows to ensure everyone provides the same testing procedure, follows the same processes, and delivers the same quality service. For example, an "ototoxicity workflow" can make sure providers collect extended high frequency thresholds at 10, 12.5 and 16 kHz.  A "new hearing aid fitting workflow" may be implemented to ensure speech mapping is conducted to validate the fitting. Workflows can also be used for onboarding newly hired providers or students to assist with offering consistent and quality care for every patient. Workflows assist in controlling standard of care, enhancing patient outcomes, improving quality of care, help with compliance, and identify processes that may require improvement. 

How do I create/add workflows in Primus?



How do I access and use workflows in Primus?



What is the nudging feature?

The nudging feature manifests as a friendly reminder or notification, aimed to help providers adhere to best practices and follow clinical protocols. During testing and fitting, a small notification can be configured to populate, "nudging the provider to take proper action. For example, two common configurable reminders include testing inter-octave frequencies and the need for masking. The functionality is fully configurable by the user or administrator of the system.

How do I remove a workflow from Primus?  


How do I upload speech materials into my Primus?



Things to Know Before you Buy

Technical support, calibration, and service is provided and managed through Oaktree Products

Responsive, efficient, and effective support is critical for busy providers to be able to use their equipment without delay. Equipment calibration is required annually. Equipment may need to be serviced over the years.  Oaktree Products has made arrangements to coordinate and provide support, calibration and service to allow providers to focus on their clinical practice.

Module Not Licensed Error Message

Your Primus Ice should come packaged with a License Code Certificate.  To add it to the Primus System, go the HELP (menu at the top) > LICENSE INFORMATION > ENTER CODE. 

If you do not have a License Code Certificate, Contact Oaktree Products at 800.347.1960 or with the following information:

  • Oaktree account number and/or name of practice
  • Make & model of Primus System (e.g. Primus Ice, Primus Pro, Primus Pro-HF, Primus Pro-REM, Primus Pro-Combo)
  • Serial number of unit

This information is needed for Oaktree to quickly resolve the issue.  Oaktree will reissue a license code to you.