Heavy Duty Hearing Aid Stethoscope (black)
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Heavy Duty Hearing Aid Stethoscope (black)

Product Code: 53111

  • Heavy duty hearing aid listening stethoscope for ITE's and BTE's
  • Acoustic tube length: 21.5"
  • Color: Black
  • Also available in blue and red
  • (1) Heavy Duty Hearing Aid Stethoscope
  • (1) ITE Probe for Listening Tip
  • (1) Listening Bell Tip for BTE's (small)  
  • Replacement Belltip, small (item# 126A)
  • Replacement Belltip, large (item# 126C )
  • Replacement ITE Probe (item #126B)
  • Replacement Foam Eartips, 6 per pack (item #190-51021-11)

Can I get replacement ear tips for this stethoscope? 

  • Unfortunately there are no replacement for the plastic eartips. However, there are replacement foam eartips available.  

Is a replacement ITE probe available?

  • Yes, you can order a fully  assembled replacement ITE probe using item #126B

Can I order replacement tubing for the stethoscope?

  • Yes, but it is not straightforward.  You will need to order 2 individual tubing parts that are sold by the foot and cut them into your desired length.  Item #30191 is the longer portion of the tubing with a smaller diameter that the bell tip will attach to.  Item #30198 is a thicker portion of tubing that will be cut into a smaller piece and attached to the longer portion of the tubing on one end and the actual stethoscope on the other end. 

What if I need a new bell tip?

  • Bell tips can be ordered separately.  They do not come assembled with the replacement tubing configuration.  These can be ordered individually using item numbers 126A (small bell tip) and 126C (large bell tip).