hearX hearScope Digital Video Otoscope
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hearX hearScope Digital Video Otoscope

Product Code: HEARSCOPE

  • Captures high-quality images and videos of the eardrum and ear canal from a smartphone, tablet or desktop running the free hearScope app
  • Can be used as a stand-alone product or can seamlessly integrate with the hearX STKhearTest and hearScreen
  • Digital Data Management - mHealth Studio Cloud allows users to seamlessly attach otoscopy images directly to hearScreen/hearTest hearing test results for a comprehensive evaluation and report
  • Utilize the secure cloud-based storage solution to access hearScope images and videos from any internet-connected computer, allowing you to conveniently view and share images with both patients and colleagues or attach images can also be attached to patient records
  • High Quality 2MP Camera - Gives clear view for accurate diagnosis
  • Variable Magnification - Zoom like never before with your digital otoscope
  • LED Light Source - Adjustable brightness dial on otoscope cord 
  • Auto-Crop & Auto-Zoom - Enables the automatic zooming of the image to fit to the screen for a detailed and clear view, with cropping to remove specula edges when taking images
  • Capture Images and Video Separately & Simultaneously - Tap capture button on cord or screen to capture images; Tap video button on screen to record video and when recording, tap the capture button on screen to take images while recording
  • Selection of Specula - Convenient range of specula included to fit ears of all sizes (2x 3mm; 2x 4mm; 2x 5mm)
  • Desktop Version Available - hearScope Desktop is available for Mac, Linux and Windows
  • 5 foot length otoscope cord with USB-C connection 
  • Included With Your Purchase:  1 Year Warranty on All Hardware Components, Software Updates and Remote Technical Support
  • *NOTE: The hearScope is compatible with most Android smartphones and tablets -- iPhone is not currently compatible
  • (1) hearScope Digital Video Otoscope with USB-C connection
  • (2) 3mm Reusable Specula
  • (2) 4mm Reusable Specula
  • (2) 5mm Reusable Specula
  • (1) USB-C to USB adapter (for connection to PC)
  • (1) Phone/Tablet Stand
  • (1) Carrying Case
  • User Manual

1. Why would I choose hearScope over a traditional otoscope?

  • hearScope is an affordable digital otoscope that connects directly to a smartphone and desktop. Images and videos are immediately available to show to the patient or upload to an electronic health record. Showing patients the pathology that is present in their ear canal or eardrum in real-time, makes hearScope a powerful patient counseling tool. hearScope is also an effective academic training tool while teaching students aspects of ear anatomy and pathology.

2. Which devices are compatible with hearScope?

  • The hearScope mobile application is compatible with most Android smartphones and tablets as well as Linux, Windows and Mac desktops. iPhone is currently not compatible with the hearScope.

3. Who can use hearScope?

  • hearScope is a medical device primarily used by healthcare professionals such as medical practitioners, community health workers, and nurses. It can also be used by non-professionals if they receive proper training and adhere to the instructions provided in the user manual. 

4. Is it safe to use hearScope?

  • Yes, hearScope is designed and manufactured in compliance with medical device standards, including ISO 13485, which ensures adherence to good manufacturing practices. When used correctly and in accordance with the instructions provided in the user manual, along with appropriate training, hearScope is considered safe to use. It has been designed to minimize any potential risks or unintended hazards to the user. However, as with any medical device, it is important to follow the recommended guidelines and use hearScope responsibly.

5. Can hearScope be used only on adults?

  • hearScope can be used on individuals of various age groups, including adults. The device is shipped with a set of small (3 mm), medium (4 mm), and large (5 mm) reusable specula (tips) that are suitable for most ear sizes. These sizes are generally sufficient for individuals over the age of 5 years old. However, it's important to consider that there may be exceptions based on the specific size, length, and curvature of an individual's ear canal.

6. When will the AI image classification feature be available?

  • hearX® has released a BETA version of the AI image classification feature in 2020. The AI image classification feature is able to classify normal tympanic membranes, wax obstruction, chronic perforations, and abnormal tympanic membranes. Abnormal refers to a high possibility of pathology being present. Please note that this is a free BETA version for research use only and is not intended to diagnose. Always seek medical attention from a healthcare professional when any symptoms are present.

7. What ear conditions will be diagnosed using the AI image classification feature?

  • The conditions include normal eardrums, wax obstructions, chronic perforations, and abnormal tympanic membranes. We are continuously improving this feature to be able to classify more pathologies, such as acute otitis media and otitis media with effusion.


The hearScope can be used with your Android smartphone or tablet or with your desktop computer by downloading the hearScope App.  Once the hearScope app is downloaded, you can take images and video through the app.  Images and video can be viewed, deleted and cropped.  You can also add text / audio notes and request AI image classification while in the app.



hearScope can be used with the hearX STKhearTest and hearScreen in the mHealth Studio App to attach otoscopy images as part of patient reports, and to sync images seamlessly to mHealth Studio Cloud.

mHealth Studio is included free with your purchase of any hearX software.  It allows for data capturing, management, surveillance, referrals, report generation and secure usage anywhere, anytime.






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