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Product Code:NU317

  • Advanced, ear-level PSAP/hearable offering wireless high fidelity sound for music streaming and hands-free cell phone use with preset hearing profiles to optimize communication in a variety of environments
  • Ideal for adults with perceived hearing loss with gently sloping configurations; refer to audiogram image of the let for ideal configurations
  • Free NuHeara app available for Apple iOS and Android pairs smartphones to IQ Buds
  • Personal profile allows user to set IQ Buds to one of five hearing profiles with balance control for the left and right ears; five hearing profiles include: 1) normal hearing, 2) low frequency emphasis, 3) mild high frequency emphasis, 4) mild-moderate high frequency emphasis, and 5) maximum high frequency emphasis
  • Ability to store and further customize up to four favorite locations (i.e. office, home, restaurant, workout, street, driving, plane and music) including: 
    • Volume adjustment 
    • SINC (Super Intelligent Noise Cancellation) level control to control background noise levels
    • Live EQ to adjust low frequency and high frequency sounds 
  • Right and left IQ Buds may be controlled independently from the APP or via Tap Touch Control
  • Tap Touch Control allows user to individually tap each IQ Bud to initiate a specific control:
    • Left IQ Bud controls Bluetooth functionality; tapping it allows user to start/stop streaming music, answer/reject phone calls
    • Right IQ Bud controls hearing environment; tapping it allows user to toggle through favorite locations
  • Tap Touch Control also offers user the option to blend their digital and hearing environments as necessary; for example, stream music only without awareness to environmental sounds (i.e. when traveling on a plane) or stream music while activating microphones to pick up sounds and conversations in your hearing world (while at gym, while at work)
  • Packaged with 4 pairs of different size and shaped ear tips for secure and comfortable fit
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery offers 4 hours of on-the-go Bluetooth streaming, 8 hours of on-the-go hearing processing with added convenience of charging case offering super quick recharging
    • charging case provides up to 3 additional charges of IQ Buds without the need to plug it into a power source
    • every 15 minutes in charging case provides 1-2 hours of IQ Bud battery life
  • Ideal product for individuals with normal or near normal hearing looking for a hands-free way to integrate their digital world (cell phone, music streaming) with the hearing world (office, traffic, home, etc)
  • One year warranty
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  • (1) Pair of IQbuds
  • (1) Charging/Carrying Case
  • (1) USB Charging Cable
  • (4) Pairs of Eartips in a Variety of Sizes 
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