Etymotic Research 3C Insert Earphones (50 Ohm)
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Etymotic Research 3C Insert Earphones (50 Ohm)

Product Code: ER3C-50

  • 50 ohm
  • Incorporates “touch-proof” electrical connection for safety
  • Duplicates ER•3A smooth frequency response
  • Provides 30+ dB external noise exclusion – equivalent to a single-wall booth when used with deeply-sealed foam eartips
  • Provides 70+ dB isolation (interaural attenuation) between ears; reduces the need for masking
  • Reduces test/retest variability compared to supra-aural earphones
  • Eliminates test errors due to collapsed ear canals
  • Simplifies RECD (Real-Ear-to-Coupler-Difference) measurements
  • May be calibrated in a 2-cc coupler, occluded ear simulator, or 0.4-cc coupler
  • Uses E-A-RLink insert eartips
  • Also available in 10 ohm
  • Check out alternative Insert Earphone option, item #OT-02-500

NOTE:  This is a special order item and may incur additional lead time 

  • ER•3C earphones (50 Ohm)
  • 7’ cable with dual-mono 6.33mm (1/4”) plugs
  • (20) regular foam eartips (13mm)
  • (20) small foam eartips (10mm)
  • (2) large foam eartips (18mm)
  • Hook-and-loop neck strap
  • Replacement Sound Tubes with Adapters, 4/pack (item# ER3-21)
  • Replacement Tube Sockets (nipples, adapters) 10/pack (item #420-2081)
  • Etymotic Research Replacement Cable for ER3C Insert Earphones, dual-mono 6.33mm plugs (item #ER3C-84)
  • E-A-RLink 3A Eartips, yellow, 50/bag (#420-2004)
  • E-A-RLink 3A Eartips, yellow, 350/bag (#420-3505)
  • E-A-RLink 3A Eartips, yellow, 750/bag (#420-2005)
  • E-A-RLink 3B Eartips, beige, 50/bag (#420-2006)
  • E-A-RLink 3B Eartips, beige, 350/bag (#420-3507)
  • E-A-RLink 3B Eartips, beige, 750/bag (#420-2007)
  • E-A-RLink 3C Jumbo Eartips, yellow, 24/bag (#420-2028)
  • E-A-RLink Infant Eartips, 3.5mm, 20/bag (#420-2094)
  • E-A-RLink Infant Eartips, 4mm, 20/bag (#420-2095)
  • Audiologist's Choice Infant Eartips, 3.5mm, 25/bag (#JSMET35)
  • Audiologist's Choice Infant Eartips, 4mm, 25/bag (#JSMET40)
  • Etymotic Gold-Wrapped Tip Trodes, 13mm, 20/bag (#ER3-26A)
  • Etymotic Gold-Wrapped Tip Trodes, 10mm, 20/bag (#ER3-26B)

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