Dry & Store DryMax - Standard, non-UV

Product Code: DM-STD

  • Fourth generation of the Dry & Store product line that uses the same patented combination of moving air, heat and an advanced desiccant to provide the best moisture removal
  • Smaller, sleeker design
  • 104°F Drying area temperature
  • 8 Hour drying cycle time
  • Dry-Brik Mini Desiccant is an aggressive sorbent that absorbs moisture and odor (Unit packaged with a 6 month supply)
  • Dry-Brik Mini version is smaller than original dry-brik – each brik last (1) month (original briks will NOT fit in DryMax units)
  • Version available with 90 second UV-C germicidal cycle, item# DM-UV
  • Thermal management and heater control with internal digital thermostat
  • Greater Portability – Operates on the same power system as most cell phone chargers, so it will operate on a laptop or USB power supply charger
  • Captive Touch Switch – Power on/off touch switch eliminates normal wear and tear of standard switches
  • Classic white and silver color with smoked glass look lid
  • Overall Dimensions:  6” x 2.87” x 2.25”
  • Drying Compartment Dimensions:  3.9” x 2.9” x 1”
  • Three year warranty
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  • (1) DryMax UV
  • (1)  Universal Switching Power Supply
  • (1)  6-Pack of Dry-Brik Mini Desiccants (6 month supply)
  • (1)  Quick Start Guide
  • (1)  Warranty Card

  • Replacement Dry-Brik Mini Desiccant, 6/pack (item# DBMINI)

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