Grason IA Series Eartip Kit in Plastic Box - 375 / kit (25 of each size eartip)

Product Code: TS290

  • Interacoustics Brand Instrument Eartips
  • Single use disposable eartips

Compatible With:

    • Amplivox – Otowave 102-1, 102-4, Otowave with Clear (Type 1) Probe
    • Grason Stadler - Corti, Tymp Star Pro
    • Interacoustics – Titan, IMP440, MT5, MTP, EP25, Eclipse OAE with NEOPT Probe, Eartip Set BET55 Compatible, AT235 with Clear Probe
    • Madsen – Accuscreen, New Model Zodiac (front panel reads Zodiac)
    • Maico – Race Car Tymp, Easy Tymp with Clear Probe, Otowave with Clear Probe and MI24, MI26, MI34 & MI44 All with Clear Probe
    • Natus – Echo Screen
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  • (1) Set of 375 Eartips (25 of each size) 
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