Pitch Pattern Sequence - Pinheiro Version, Adult
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Pitch Pattern Sequence - Pinheiro Version, Adult

Product Code: C138

  • The Pitch Pattern Sequence (PPS) test consists of a series of three tones presented at either of two frequencies (pitches). The subject’s task is to describe the pitches of the tones presented. The test is a monaural test that evaluates both pattern perception and temporal sequencing ability while excluding verbal cues.    
  • The test is available in two versions:    
  • 1. Adult Version and 2. Child Version. There are just two differences:
    • 1. The duration of the tones is 300 msec in the adult version, 500 msec in the child’s version.        
    • 2. The interstimulus interval (between triplets) is 6 seconds in the adult version and 9 seconds in the child’s. Please select the version that best suits your needs.    
  • Recording Length: 11 minutes 18 seconds         
  • (1) Pitch Pattern Sequence Test