NU-6, Low Pass Filter @ 1 KHz
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NU-6, Low Pass Filter @ 1 KHz

Product Code: C169-1

  • In this test the NU-6 has been low pass filtered at 1K. The originator of this filtering concept employed a 500 Hz low pass filter, but it is believed by many that a 500 Hz low pass filter is too difficult even for normal listeners and, therefore, tends to produce too many false positives.    
  • AUDiTEC™ has, therefore, recorded three different low-pass versions: 500, 750, & 1000 Hz. Research with the NU-6 low-pass filters supports the belief that 500 Hz is too difficult, and indicates that the preferred cut-off frequency is 750 Hz. Please select the filter(s) that best suits your needs.    
  • Recording time 9 minutes 38 seconds      
  • (1) Test Recording