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A.U. Bankaitis, PhD is an audiologist who has held various clinical positions in academia, medical centers, and industry. The bulk of her clinical experience has been adult diagnostics for medical/surgical intervention, intraoperative monitoring during skull base and spinal surgeries, and optimizing communication needs of adults with hearing loss via hearing assistance technology, hearing instrumentation, implantable devices, and aural rehabilitation.

As a doctoral candidate at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Bankaitis applied her clinical skills in the lab where her funded research documented the effects of varying degrees of HIV on the auditory system.  This research established her as a leading authority on infection control applications to audiology and the hearing industry. As Vice President of Oaktree Products, part of her role involves educating the hearing industry on infection control principles as well as helping audiologists identify communication solutions for their patients. These insights are shared on her popular audiology blog that covers a wide range of topics linked below. 

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