Amplivox Model 270+ B Advanced Two-Channel Diagnostic Audiometer
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Amplivox Model 270+ B Advanced Two-Channel Diagnostic Audiometer

Product Code: AMPLIVOX270+B

  • Diagnostic audiometer with air, bone and speech capabilities     
    • Air conduction           
      • frequency range: 125 Hz to 8000 Hz
      • attenuation levels: -10 dBHL to 120 dBHL (step size 5 dB, 2.5 dB, 1 dB)
      • packaged with calibrated DD45 audiometric headphones and calibrated IP30 insert earphones
      • includes patient response button
      • talk forward function
      • talk-balk function (note: talk-back microphone NOT included)
      • manual and automatic testing capabilities only
    • Bone conduction           
      • frequency range: 250 Hz to 8000 Hz
      • attentuation levels: -10 dBHL to 70 dBHL
      • packaged with calibrated B71 BC vibrator
      • manual and automatic testing capabilities only
    • Speech audiometry 
      • Monitored-live voice capabilities
      • Recorded speech material capable via external CD player (not included) or other sound source to the LINE IN socket
    • Special test features  
      • Stenger Test (tone or speech)
      • ABLB Test
      • SISI Test
      • Tone Decay Test
      • HLS test
      • MHA Test
  • Powered by mains AC/DC adapter (included) that plugs into standard wall outlet
  • Internal memory allows to store up to 12 audiograms
  • Amplivox ampliSuite software (included) allows data to be transferred to a computer (to view, annotate, and/or print); requires designated USB cable (not included)
  • Noah compatible
  • Includes soft carrying case
  • Three year warranty
Other available options: 


  • Model packaged with calibrated DD45 headphones only: item# AMPLIVOX270+
  • Talk-back microphone: item# 8518110
  • Optional thermal printer: item# 8503007


NOTE:  Special order item will incur additional lead time


  • (1) Model 270+ Audiometer
  • (1) standard DD45 audiometric headset
  • (1) IP30 insert earphones
  • (1) B71 bone vibrator headset
  • (1) patient response switch
  • (1) mains adaptor (power supply designed for continuous operation)
  • (50) audiogram cards
  • (1) NOAH Audilink software
  • (1) operating manual & ampliSuite
  • (1) carrying case
  • (1) calibration certificate

Things to Know Before you Buy

Amplivox requires a code for calibration

Amplivox requires a code for calibration for technicians to gain access to perform calibration.  While these are calibrated when sold through Oaktree Products, the code is not made available to Oaktree Products at the time of sale. When the time comes for the annual calibration, a code is required to initiate the process.  If you are in need of a code, Oaktree Products is more than happy to work on your behalf.   Contact Oaktree Products with the serial number of your Amplivox unit; we will contact Amplivox, obtain the necessary calibration code, and forward the information directly to you. The calibration code should be valid for the lifetime of the device.