Amplified Stethoscopes & Open-Fit or RIC, No Streamer

There are a few viable options for medical professionals using open-fit or RIC hearing instruments without a streamer who want to continue wearing their hearing instruments during auscultation procedures. Since there is not "one solutions fits all", it it important for the audiologist to be prepared to offer several options during the initial fitting.

Option One:

The first thing to try with open-fit or RIC wearers is to have the medical professional attempt to use a traditional stethoscope with hearing instruments his or her ears. It is important to note that many patients may not be able to tolerate having the hearing aids and the earpieces of a traditional stethoscope reside in the ear canal at the same time. The spring-action of the stethoscope earpieces in the presence of hearing aid components in the ear canal will not be comfortable in most cases but it it worth a try for the few that can tolerate the configuration. If this configuration is tolerable, the medical professional can continue to use their regular stethoscope; if additional gain is needed, an amplified stethoscope with standard earpieces will most likely work as well. 


regular stethoscope-1

Option Two:

In the event a stethoscope with traditional earpieces cannot be used while simultaneously wearing hearing instruments, consider the Thinklabs One (TL-One) using two different configurations. First, have the medical professional try this amplified stethoscope using the insert earphones that come pre-packaged with the TL-One. It is possible that some open-fit or RIC wearers will have sufficient ear canal space to accommodate the earphone. In the absence of traditional earpieces with associated spring-action forces, the likelihood of discomfort may be significantly reduced. If this configuration does not work, another solution is to try the TL-One with a pair of high quality headphones (sold separately) with bass and noise reduction including Beats Executive, Monster DNA, or SoundTru On-Ear Headphones by Bose. The chances of discomfort are extremely low.



Option Three:

A third option includes selecting one of three modified versions of the E-Scope II whereby the traditional stethoscope earpieces have been removed, offering the ability to to attach a headphone. As with the TL-One, the hearing instruments remain in the ears while the user places the headphones over the ears during auscultation procedures. The three models of the modified E-Scope II differ from one another as a function of the packaged headphone available as each model is packaged with a specific type of headphone as follows: 

Item #718-7710E-Scope II with traditional headphones

Item #718-7711: E-Scope II with convertible headphones

Item #718-7715: E-Scope II with oversized headphones (if feedback is an issue)




e-scope imageEKOCORE-1