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Amplified Stethoscopes & Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Instruments

The Eko Core amplified stethoscope has been designed to to stream auscultation recordings directly to Bluetooth-enabled hearing instruments.  Two different configurations that allow the user to keep their hearing instruments in the ears are available. One configuration offers real-time audio of heart and lung sounds while the other configuration only works when streaming heart and lung sounds that have been recorded. While the Eko app is compatible with Android 5.0 and above, the Eko Core works best with made for iPhone (MFi) hearing instruments.  

Option One: Stream Recordings Directly to MFi Hearing Instruments

Due to interfering Bluetooth signals, hearing instrument connectivity with the Eko is only available when heart and lung sound recordings are played back.  In other words, real-time audio cannot be streamed directly to MFi hearing instruments. This configuration allows the user to hear heart and lung sounds through Bluetooth-enabled hearing instruments by playing back recorded audio via the Eko App. Once the Eko Core amplified stethoscope is paired with iPhone, access the setting menu of the Eko App (top left corner) and activate "Play from iPhone" feature. Follow instructions to capture and record heart or lung sounds. Once the recording is captured, use the Eko app to playback recordings directly to MFi hearing instruments.

eko-stream recording

Key things to remember:

  • Heart and lung sounds must be recorded first.  The recordings are then streamed from the iPhone via the Eko app to the MFi hearing instruments
  • Hearing heart and lung sounds in real time is not an option for this configuration
  • In the event of an open fit whereby the ear canal remains unoccluded, direct connection to a streamer as outlined above may not generate satisfactory results; the nature of the open fit will result in critical low frequency information necessary to perform auscultation to be lost.
  • Success of configuring amplified stethoscopes with hearing aids requires involvement of the audiologists as ausculatation procedures will require hearing instrument reprogramming.

Option Two: Listen to Recordings in Real Time While Wearing MFi Hearing Instruments

The Eko Core is capable of streaming live audio from the chest piece to a paired device. This configuration involves headphones. With the "Play from iPhone" feature activated, plug either a standard or Bluetooth headset into the iPhone.  Place headphones over hearing aids during auscultation to hear heart and breath sounds in real time. 

                  Eko-standard headphones               Eko-BT headphones

                     Standard Headphones (for older iPhones with 3.5 mm jack                                                                                     Bluetooth Headphones with compatible BT transmitter