Alerting Systems

A number of stand-alone products alert individuals with hearing loss to a specific event (e.g. ringing telephone, doorbell chime) including amplified telephones, amplified and vibrating alarm clocks, and vibrating alarm watches. More intricate build-upon alerting systems integrating optional accessories to alert individuals to multiple events are also available. This section focuses on basic components of an alerting system.

Basic Components of an Alerting System


While alerting systems may look different, they all include a main unit. The main units of two popular build-upon alerting systems are shown below and include the Central Alert System by Serene Innovations and the AlertMaster by Clarity. The main units work independently to alert individuals of the doorbell, landline telephone, and alarm clock without the need for additional components; optional accessories (sold separately) are also available and may be added to expand the system's functionality.  

alert system main unit


The main units work with any number of available transmitters sold separately as optional accessories, offering the ability to customize the system to meet the needs of an individual. Transmitters detect activity beyond the doorbell, phone, and alarm clock including a crying baby, smoke detector activity, or incoming Skype call. When a transmitter detects a particular activity, it will wirelessly send a signal to the main unit which will alert the user of that specific activity. 


The main units also work with any number of available receivers sold separately as optional accessories. Receivers expand the reach of the main unit by alerting individuals of main unit activity in other rooms. The main unit typically resides in the main bedroom or living room. Since users occupy other areas of the home throughout the day, receivers placed in other rooms allow the user to know when the main unit registers activity. Receivers are available as table-top units and wearable personal pagers.


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