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3M Littmann Amplified Electronic Stethoscope, Model 3200

3M Littmann Amplified Electronic Stethoscope, Model 3200

Product Code:3200BK27

  • Amplified stethoscope for medical professionals with hearing loss who do not currently use hearing instruments offering sound recording, playback, and transmission abilities
  • Record and save up to twelve 30-second patient tracks
  • Play back recorded sound tracks with a few button commands
  • Bluetooth interface provides means of exchanging audio data with other Bluetooth devices such as another 3M Littman Model 3200 amplified stethoscope or a Bluetooth-enabled PC. 
    • NOTE: Bluetooth adapter (receiver) included with packaging; NOT compatible with Apple devices or Smartphones
    • NOTE: product uses Class 2 Bluetooth link with a maximum range of 10m
  • Sound level can be amplified in 8 increments up to 24X amplification of non-electrical stethoscopes
  • Advanced power management system offers manual ON and OFF with Auto Off with Standby feature for maximum power conservation
  • Equipped with both bell (low frequency) and diaphragm (high frequency) filters
  • Custom configuration enables user to set several operational settings (filter, amplification, backlight setting) according to personal preference and need
  • Accommodates three battery types to fit user's needs: AA Alkaline, Lithium, or NiMH battery.  NOTE: comes packaged with one (1) AA Alkaline battery which lasts approximately 60 hours of continuous use; in a typical clinical setting, this is equivalent to three (3) months
  • Adjustable spring tension of ear pieces for maximum comfort
  • Ambient Noise Reduction (ANR) technology reduces an average of 85% unwanted background noise;
  • Non-chill diaphragm cover
  • Durable latex-free design
  • Two year warranty
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  • (1) Littman Model 300 amplified stethoscope with attached silicone ear tips
  • (1) AA battery (note: the battery is NOT pre-inserted in the stethoscope and located in the gray package lining; it is easy to miss if you don't look for it)
  • (1) pair of replacement ear tips (black)
  • (1) pair of plastic ear tips (beige)
  • (1) user manual
  • (1) Bluetooth adapter (receiver) for external Bluetooth devices.  NOTE: not for Smartphones and will NOT work with Apple products
  • Stethomate Tips for Littman Stethoscopes, size .450" for CICs (item# 53313)
  • Stethomate Tips for Littman Stethoscopes, size .700" for ITCs (item# 53314)
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